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    MISSION : 

    Our mission is to be the lead

    VISION : 

    Éditions de Villers is a model of integrity and commitment for Québec society. Its strong and dynamic management team, highly-engaged staff and creative group of artists allow it to offer the best product on the market.

    Committed to showcasing our best local resources, the Company's decisions are guided by rigorous processes that are mindful of the environment. 

    With quality service a top priority, the Company is well-prepared to face the challenges of today as well as those that lie ahead.

    We will accomplish this by embracing innovation to reflect the evolving needs of society, our artists and businesses. 

    VALUES :


    To understand and remain true to the creations of our artists and their fundamental values. 

    Spirit of community 

    To become socially involved in humanitarian causes and the environment. 


    Guided by its own code of ethics, Éditions de Villers is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity to earn and maintain the loyalty of its customers and business partners. 


    Our adventure began in October 1991 with a wild idea from our founder, Raymond Girard, who was then Chairperson of the Hôtel-Dieu Foundation in Montreal.  What started as a plan to promote painting, evolved into the greeting card concept thanks to the collaboration of the internationally renowned painter, Littorio Del Signore. 

    Since then, the company has grown and continued to expand and many artists have joined our team.

    Despite our growth, we have remained true to our artists and clients. Since our company was first founded,

     our involvement in the community and commitment to integrity have continued to be the guiding principles for all our decisions and actions. 

    Today, more than ever, Éditions de Villers remains a family business.

    The passion and commitment that drive our people knows no bounds and many new projects on the horizon hold the promise of a bright future.

    Management is grateful to its employees, artists and our many clients for their loyalty and the confidence they show in us every day.