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    About us

    OUR MISSION: To be the leader in the printing industry in Quebec.

    OUR VISION: Éditions de Villers is a model of integrity and involvement at the heart of Quebec society. With a strong and dynamic team, the company leverages the involvement of its personnel to offer the best product on the market. Dedicated to serving its clients, whom we have the duty to serve well, the company remains ready to tackle current challenges and those that the future holds. To achieve this, we will be a model of innovation based on the needs of the local community.

    OUR VALUES: Innovation: Always seeking improvement, regardless of the challenges. Integrity: Equipped with an internal code of ethics, Éditions de Villers is committed to remaining honest and loyal to all its clients and partners. Engagement: Social commitment, both in humanitarian and sporting causes.

    HISTORY: This adventure began in 1991 with the somewhat crazy dream of its founder, Mr. Raymond Girard, then president of the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal foundation. In love with Quebec visual art, the idea of designing greeting cards to raise funds took shape, notably thanks to the participation of the famous internationally renowned painter, Mr. Littorio Del Signore.

    Over time, Mr. Girard devoted himself exclusively to the design of greeting cards. In 1993, Éditions de Villers took off. After over 10 years of growth at the helm of the company, a new generation took over in 2003.

    The company became a full-fledged printing house. The printing of corporate greeting cards continues to be successful both at the corporate and charitable levels. The company organizes fundraising campaigns for the Canadian Cancer Society, the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation, Operation Enfant Soleil, and LEUCAN.

    Between 2008 and 2015, the company expanded through acquisitions such as Publi-Tact, Noël à la Carte, and Trois Crayons et Cie. We therefore consolidate our position in the field of greeting card printing.

    In 2011, the company won the CANOPE GOLD award at the Canadian level for its quality of printing with 100% recycled paper, notably thanks to a development partnership with Cascades and its famous ENVIRO 100 paper. Our greeting cards are available for retail sale at Jean Coutu pharmacies, Renaud Bray bookstores, and Archambault.

    In 2012, Éditions de Villers diversified. Its president, Steve Fortin, is passionate about physical activity. Drawing on his experience in organizing sports events, he developed with his team a brand new model of sports bibs to meet the needs of race organizers in Quebec. A new sports division takes shape:

    Between 2015 and 2018, the rise of digital and the paper crisis dealt a harsh blow to the paper industry. The greeting card business declined but remained appreciated in the business world, especially around the holiday season. Additionally, Éditions de Villers ceased its retail activities due to Chinese and European competition.

    Innovation and adaptability have allowed us since 2021 to add new services to meet the needs of businesses, schools, and municipalities. Thus, textile printing and embroidery are added to our range of products and services. You can find all our offers on